Els Petrus is a Brussels based artist. 

She graduated with an MA Fashion in Ghent, a BA in Interior design and followed a footwear and upholstery training program in Brussels. 

Coming from a background in the applied arts, her work has evolved into a more analyzing practice. 

Looking at objects and the different meanings they generate, their relation to its surroundings and to each other, the purpose for which they are used for, the materials and shape of which they are made off, are being revealed and considered. 

She considers each element as an independent given and uses them to generate new combinations and thoughts. They liberate more space for experiment, improvisation and deduplication.

A lot of her visual research is dictated by the place where she works, to that extent that you might call her studio, the actual leader of her practice.

This need to create an auto-ecosystem stems from her wish to find her own language. 

Themes that often recur in her work are the attention to minimal gesture, play with changing scenographies and limitations.